About the Store

More than a furniture store, Elements East offers a meeting place for East and West, old and new, in modern interior design.

Our world-travel gives us opportunities to hand-select each piece in our collection of furniture and accessories. This allows us to learn the history and tradition that accompanies it. It also allows us to offer accessible price points and a broad range of price points.

We honor the culture of the makers, respect their craftsmanship, and relish the unique stories of our imports. Our hands-on role in this process allows us to give you a unique experience; it’s more than shopping, it’s sharing the spirit, tradition, and journey of our wares.

We’re not just a furniture store, but a space that evokes peace, inspiration, and a sense of wellbeing.


Elements East has a talented, professional and passionate team ready to assist you.

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Meg Hopkins

History major, long time retail executive, and soul searcher— I came to Elements East first as a customer. I was compelled to purchase the company in 2017 as I love the combination of travel, creating beautiful spaces and soul searching.  

I feel so lucky to have a wonderful legacy and experience to lean on, and can now make it my own. I am excited to show you my finds from my recent Morocco trip, and any future adventures yet to be had. 


Mary Lou Simmelink

I have spent over a decade at Elements East, in which time I have become well-versed in Chinese art, history, culture, furniture and feng shui.

I have background as a pastry chef (husband a chef, too), and have instilled a love of different cultures, tastes and experiences. I love the idea that we can learn much about people based on the objects they make and find beautiful.

I love the authenticity and the passion behind Elements East. I love our products as well as sharing my knowledge about them with our customers.


Julie Zvi

Julie Zvi Designs was established as a full consulting service with an emphasis on color, furniture and accessory purchase and placement as well as a focus on redesigning spaces to reflect the client’s needs and character.

Through the use of principal design elements such as balance, color and scale, and with a keen eye and ability to listen to my clients’ needs, I am passionate about transforming rooms into beautiful and functional spaces. My philosophy is to encourage my clients to express their likes and dislikes through asking questions, thus discovering a style that truly depicts one’s personality.

I am excited to work with Elements East, a store which has always influenced my innate sense of style. By encouraging my clients to make thoughtful and bold choices using unique items from exotic places, I am able to help them create rooms which will continually prove to inspire them.  



The roots of Elements East are in China. We search out treasures wherever they may be. No showrooms for us!  Sourced with intention is our mantra as we travel so we can bring you more depth and offer you a story to tell. Simply, they have stories and we want you to incorporate them into yours.

We share our journey with you and hope that our intentions make their way into your homes. 

As we grow, so do our adventures. Our latest treasures are from Morocco. Stay tuned for our next adventure.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Wow, this place is amazing! I visited recently with my designer, who suggested it as we are remodeling the inside of my house. We met Meg, the owner, who clearly has a passion for amazing one-of-a-kind items and making sure that a visit is not just looking at furniture, but a complete experience. She clearly knows and loves her business and will be bringing in more unique international items, which I can’t wait for. I walked away with four amazing one-of-a-kind items, and want so much more! I will definitely be back.
— Georgia Autio

I attended the first workshop at Elements East this evening led by Carrie Murphy, a gifted Doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. This was an after hours class on meditation at no charge. I could not have imagined a more inspirational setting, being amidst beautiful oriental furniture and home furnishings. I will return for more classes and as a customer! The beauty, the graciousness, and welcoming is worth a visit.
— Linda Viehweg

We recently did a home remodel with Julie Zvi in our family room, home office, front foyer and dining room. She was exceptionally smart, hard working and on the forefront of current colors and trends. Julie also worked directly with our contractors and kept them on task. With a great attention to detail along with an understanding of our needs, she brought our project to life.
— Wendy and Bill Mayer

I just visited Elements East for the first time when I was looking for interesting furniture for the company’s new office. I was really impressed by the variety and the beautiful finds! So many of the pieces there can be used in multiple ways. I found some gorgeous buffets and tables that will be perfect in our conference rooms as well as one for my new office. Delightful!
— Lori Rohde

I started taking free meditation sessions at this home store in the Third Ward. The owner has curated a collection of beautiful things. I love the incense and the candle selection. Just spending time in this space is a dream. Treat yo self!
— Sarah Spottswood